Transportation system in Cyprus

In addition to the other three nations in the EU, vehicles drive on the left in Cyprus. Public transportation in Cyprus consists of bus and taxi and the island has no working railway system. Due to its limited transportation options, Cyprus can be difficult to travel around. Railway systems are so popular all over the world these days as they provide an easy way of accessing different locations quickly. Perhaps if Cyprus had a railway system, its tourism would increase as people would be more confident getting around. For example, people in the UK benefit from working railway systems that are developed by various companies in the rail industry. These companies make use of websites like for up to date railway news that keeps them in the loop of any major advancements to their projects. These companies develop railway lines that benefit the economy and the public significantly. If Cyprus did something similar, they would probably find that more people visit as more areas of Cyprus would be available to people. Hopefully, a railway line will be coming soon.

For now though, residents and tourists have to use taxis and buses to get around. Locally known as a service taxi, the ‘shared’ taxi service is much less expensive than the service offered by private taxis. Private car ownership in Cyprus is the 5th highest per capita in the world. Despite hefty fines and increased police patrols, there is a high rate of fatality and accident in Cyprus, and driving in this country can be dangerous. You need to be careful when driving on Cyprus roads but there are various forms of transport that are reliable and safe enough. These taxi companies can incorporate fleet management software into their vehicles to make it safer, they can also check on fuel management, and generally keep things in line. Companies like this may want to see it here to check on how to do this is a financially beneficial way.

Taxis in Paphos/Cyprus

Service/Intercity Taxi, Urban Taxi, and Rural taxi are the main categories of taxi services offered in Cyprus. To be exact, the Intercity or “service taxi” operates at a fixed rate for each passenger and is a 4-8 seat mini-van. They in general offer services from a central location in town to another central location although stops at other main locations can be made upon request. Operating from Larnaca, Paphos, Limassol, and Nicosia, they never make stops at or enter small towns or villages. You can receive the service every day except on public holidays. In order to make a reservation in Paphos, you may call: 26 923800 or 77 777474.

In addition, there are various private taxi companies in Cyprus providing services to different parts of the country. You can either hail a private taxi in the street or make a reservation about 30-60 minutes ahead of time. The private taxi company in Paphos town is called Dafni and the one in Kato Paphos is called Mayfair. You can call at 26944377 to reach the former one and at 26954200 to reach the latter. C&A Taxi Company provides wheelchair accessible transportation and can be reached at 99485976. You can also get or reserve a taxi at many taxi stands available throughout Cyprus towns. For certain trips, you can already discuss the fare. Many taxi drivers do expect to be tipped although tipping is optional. If you decided to tip them, do not pay more than 10% than the fare.

Fixed rate and starting fee

After an initial starting fee, fares are all metered in Cyprus and this is a fixed rate. There are different rates for day and night and the fares are all regulated by law. Don’t get surprised if taxi drivers ask for additional charges on some particular occasions e.g. if there is a holiday, if the driver has wait for the meter to run, if you have baggage weighing more than 12 kg and the driver helps you with baggage, if you carry pets in cages.

Rural Taxi services are available within more remote villages. The service is in general provided in a taxi rank unless your trip starts from the airport. Remember! Rural Taxis are not always equipped with meters.

The public transportation system in Cyprus has improved a lot but there are many extensive plans underway to restructure the system and better bus services across the country.

Buses in Paphos/Cyprus

A countrywide bus service is available in Cyprus that runs every weekday covering main routes and departing every one to two hours. In the summer time, the buses for the local routes depart from main stops at 15-minute intervals. With the destination usually displayed in the windscreen, buses in Paphos and all over Cyprus take on a different appearance. Bus timetables are available at the bus companies and tourist offices. Some bus companies stop offering services at about 6:00 pm and provide limited services on weekends.

Paphos Transport Organisation or OSYPA Ltd took over all the buses in the town in July 2010. OSYPA has ever since modernised and purchased new bus fleet, employed highly professional and skilled staff and joined the new government programme of Public Transport. The OSYPA bus rates are as follows:

One way: €1 / Daily: €2 / Weekly: €10 / Monthly: €30 / Yearly: €300

Some people can ride free in Cyprus including students, children under 12, Cypriot soldiers, and those who have Cypriot Social Card. Bus routes run on a regular basis and any information about them can be obtained on: For further information, you can also call at 80005588. Besides, the Paphos Urban Bus Station located in Karavella can be reached at 26 934 410 or 26 934 252.

Ferries in Paphos/ Cyprus

Limassol and Larnaca are home to the main harbours providing cargo, cruise, and passenger ship services.

Airports in Paphos / Cyprus

The two international airports in Cyprus are located in Paphos and Larnaca and both of them were renovated in 2009. These two airports have been under the management of Hermes Airports Ltd since 2006. It is under a 25-year BOT agreement between the Cypriot government and the company. To obtain information on the Paphos and Larnaca airports, you email the company at or call Paphos airport at 24 816 400, Larnaca airport at 24 643633.

Depending on day or night time, the trip from Larnaca airport to Paphos airport will cost you about 100 to 120 Euros. You can also pick up a rental car at the airport if previously booked. You can also drive the car upon your arrival at the airport if it is available.


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