Cyprus: property, good weather and much more

Cyprus has got much to offer to those who choose to visit or live in. You might be surprised when you learn more about a multitude of reasons for which people make such a decision. To let you know why people can’t resist the lure of this Mediterranean island, we have come up with a list of the reasons propelling them to consider living in or at least visiting Cyprus:


Property in cyprus

  • Low crime rate
  • Panoramic views of the Mediterranean
  • Low-level air pollution
  • 340 sunny days
  • Low cost of living in the EU
  • Fresh olives
  • Low population
  • Double taxation treaties with many countries that can rid you of high taxes in your country
  • No tax on the first £10,000 of income earned
  • Offering one of the lowest rates of statutory personal income tax (30%)
  • Water sports including scuba diving, body surfing, boating, swimming, sailing, parasailing
  • Lowest corporate tax rate in the EU (10%)
  • Excellent and inexpensive medical facilities
  • Wide use of English
  • Excellent private and public education system
  • Affordable properties
  • Simultaneous views of snow and the sea when skiing on Mount Olympus
  • Quick access to the beach in most parts of the island
  • Fantastic hot balloon flights over the Paphos area
  • Fun Buggy Safaris in Paphos
  • Fresh Fish Meze
  • Beautiful spots for relaxing and sunbathing: Fig Tree Bay & Flamingo Bay
  • Fresh and tasty vegetables and fruits
  • Baths of Aphrodite in Polis
  • Agia Napa nightlife: a fun town where you can dance until dawn
  • Traditional Cypriot Meze
  • Experiencing a slower pace of life in picturesque Cypriot villages
  • Thalassa Spa
  • Traditional Cypriot meat dishes of Souvla and Kleftiko
  • Tavli or the Greek version of Backgammon
  • The medieval fort in Paphos
  • The endangered species of Mouflon sheep that is under protection
  • Wine festival in Limassol
  • Cyprus Museum located in Nicosia
  • Tour of Cyprus wineries and inexpensive local wine
  • Modern banking system
  • The location of Cyprus: situated at the crossroads to three continents
  • Trail hiking in the nature
  • Cycling in the mountain
  • Archaeology
  • Golfing year round
  • Cypriot hospitality
  • Traditional folk dancing of Kalamatianos
  • UNESCO-protected churches and monasteries
  • National Park and Akamas Peninsula
  • Sandy beaches with bars and restaurants in Coral Bay
  • Modern legal system
  • The excavated remains of a city in the 4th century C. located in Nea Paphos or New Paphos
  • Tombs of the Kings constructed between 3rd century B.C. and 3rd century A.D.
  • Archaeological Park in Kato Paphos
  • The walled city in Nicosia
  • The 2nd century Odeon in Paphos that is still in use for theatre and music
  • Tekke Hala Sultan as one of the most important Muslim shrines located in Larnaca
  • Excellent infrastructure with state-of-the-art telecommunications and transport systems
  • The local Cypriot beer of Keo
  • Greek Orthodox Easter celebrations
  • Highly educated labour force
  • Green Monday celebrations


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